How To Get A Rolled-Up Contact Out Of Your Eye

Contacts are designed to remain in a concave, bowl-like shape in order to properly sit on top of your eye and provide the vision correction you need. However, sometimes problems happen and a contact lens can become curled up. This could have happened when you were sleeping, or from rubbing your eyes, or due to dryness of the eye. In any case, if a rolled up contact is stuck under your lid or in the corner of your eye, try these tips to get it out.

Why You Should Opt-in for UV Protection on Your Indoor Glasses

The last time you bought a pair of glasses, you probably had quite a few choices to make. Once you decided what kind of frames you liked, your optometrist probably gave you the option of several different type of lens coatings for your new glasses. One of these might have been UV light protection. For most people, if they wear sunglasses on a regular basis outdoors, it might seem silly to get additional UV protection.