Why You Should Opt-in for UV Protection on Your Indoor Glasses

The last time you bought a pair of glasses, you probably had quite a few choices to make. Once you decided what kind of frames you liked, your optometrist probably gave you the option of several different type of lens coatings for your new glasses. One of these might have been UV light protection. For most people, if they wear sunglasses on a regular basis outdoors, it might seem silly to get additional UV protection. However, UV protection on your indoor glasses can make a big improvement to your vision and life. Read on to learn how this works and why you need UV protection on your glasses.

UV Exposure Damage

UV rays damage many things, including the cells of your eyes and the skin surrounding them. You don't need to be burned in order to experience long-term damage to both your eyes and your skin. Simply being exposed to a small amount of repeated damage from UV radiation can increase your risk of developing problems like macular degeneration later on life, so it's ideal to avoid UV radiation whenever possible.

That being said, if you wear sunglasses outside, do you have anything to fear? As a matter of fact, you could be getting exposed to UV radiation right now, even if you're indoors.

Windows and Lights

Sitting indoors with sunlight coming through a window may feel like you're safe from the sun, but you're actually not. The vast majority of glass doesn't do a good job of filtering out the UV rays responsible for long-term cell damage. This means that if you sit near a window at home, at work, or anywhere else, you're getting exposed to UV radiation. Unless you wear your sunglasses indoors, your eyes could be getting damaged.

To make matters worse, new CFL light bulbs often emit UV radiation. Even if you pull the curtains closed and use light bulbs instead, you could still be having your eyes damaged.


The best way to protect yourself from this UV ray exposure is to simply add the UV coating to your eye glasses. Since you probably wear your eye glasses every moment from the time you wake up, you'll be protecting your eyes and the surrounding skin from UV radiation all day. You can keep wearing your sunglasses outdoors for the dimming effect they provide.

UV radiation can wreak havoc on your entire body, including your eyes. If your glasses don't currently protect you from UV radiation, you're not doing enough. Talk to your optometrist about adding this layer of protection for your next pair of eyeglasses.