Bad Habits Your Children May Have That Could Affect Their Sight And How To Correct It

Your child's eyes need care just like yours do. If your child has some bad habits, much like an adult, their vision may worsen over time. Correcting these bad habits is important, and as a parent it's up to you to keep an eye out for these bad habits and help correct them. Read on for some bad habits your child may have and what you can to do correct them.

Sitting Too Close To The TV

If your child is sitting too close to the TV, they could be harming their eyes. Your child may be sitting too close as they cannot see from a distance, which is a good indication you need to have your child's eyes checked. Along with sitting too close to the TV, if your child is using tech gadgets and holding them too close to their face, it can also harm their eyes. Show your child where to hold their phones or tablets and to hold them at eye level rather than looking down at them, which can cause a neck strain as well. 

Using Tech Devices Too Often

If your child is constantly on a tech device like a tablet or smart phone, it can cause a problem called digital eye strain. You should limit tech time to a maximum of two hours per day. Make sure your child looks away from the screen every 20 minutes. Digital eye strain can lead to worsening eye sight and even astigmatism. Using these devices too often and for too long may make it increasingly difficult for the eyes to adjust when looking away from the screen. 

Rubbing Eyes With Dirty Hands

Make sure your child washes their hands often to prevent the spread of germs to their eyes. Little hands especially that touch just about everything should be washed with soap and water often. Tell your child not to rub or itch their eyes with dirty hands to prevent getting eye infections or scratching their cornea.

Not Wearing Goggles While Swimming

When swimming in a chlorinated pool, your child should wear goggles to protect their eyes from the chemicals in the water. The chlorine and the other chemicals can affect the eyes and cause them to be red, irritated, swollen, or itchy. Give your child goggles to wear when swimming in a public pool or in any chlorinated pool. Using goggles at a lake or other body of water can also help prevent eye irritation as well.

These are just a few of the bad habits your child may have. Correct these habits to prevent worsening eyesight or eye irritations. If you spot an issue with your child's eyes or suspect a vision problem, take your child in for an eye exam.