Why Do Eye Doctors Test Your Eye Movement?

If you've been to the eye doctor in recent years, you may have noticed that they test your eye movement as part of the exam. This is called visual acuity testing, and it's an important way for doctors to assess your vision and overall eye health. Visual acuity is crucial to your ability to see things around you. It's how clearly and sharply you see objects, and it's measured by your ability to identify letters on an eye chart.

What Does Your Vision Say About Your Health?

Experts suggest that adults aged 60 and above should undergo an eye exam at least once every two years. Although the primary purpose of the tests is to identify any conditions that can compromise your vision, your eye doctor is also searching for indicators of other serious health problems. Discover two conditions that could compromise your eye health. Diabetes When your blood sugar level is extremely high, the small vessels in the retina may start to leak.