4 Tips For Eyeglasses Shopping

Eyeglasses offer convenient vision correction for people with myopia and hyperopia. If you need glasses, an optometrist can help you get the prescription end things you need. Here are some tips that will help you shop for eyeglasses:

1. Have your eyeglasses prescription updated at least once every two years.

Unlike contact lenses, eyeglasses never expire. However, that doesn't mean you should keep wearing the same pair of eyeglasses indefinitely. It's normal for people's prescriptions to change over time, which means that older glasses may not be as effective. Wearing a pair of glasses in the wrong prescription can pose a hazard if you typically wear your glasses while driving. To ensure that your glasses always offer optimal vision correction, you should have your eyeglasses prescription updated by an optometrist at least once every two years. 

2. Consider prescription sunglasses.

The sun's ultraviolet rays are very powerful. Most people know that UV rays can cause sunburns, but they may not realize that the sun can also damage their eyes. You can protect your eyes on sunny days by wearing prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses offer the same vision-correcting strength as traditional glasses but with a darker tint. Patients can also take advantage of transition lenses, prescription lenses that are clear indoors but darken when exposed to sunlight. Eyeglasses made with transition lenses can allow you to reap the benefits of UV eye protection without the hassle.

3. Take your time considering eyeglasses frames.

A good pair of eyeglasses can last for years. Since you'll probably be wearing your glasses on a regular basis, it's wise to consider their aesthetics. Take the time to carefully consider eyeglasses frames at your optometrist's office. Certain frames are more flattering on some face shapes than others. If possible, take the time to try on different eyeglasses frames before making your purchase. If you need a second opinion, bring a friend or family member to let you know which eyeglasses look best on you.

4. Have your frames professionally adjusted.

When you go to pick up your eyeglasses, you'll have the opportunity to try them on. This step is very important for ensuring a good fit. Glasses that are too loose may fall down your nose, while glasses that are too tight may pinch your temples uncomfortably or even give you a headache. It's very important to have your eyeglasses professionally adjusted. Let your optometrist know if anything feels uncomfortable so they can make the correct adjustments until your glasses feel comfortable and snug on your face.