Things You May Not Have Known About Having Your Eyes Examined

While it is common for individuals to neglect to undergo eye examinations on a regular basis, this can be a significant mistake that may result in a variety of problems for the patient. Luckily, undergoing an eye examination can be a convenient part of your self-care.

Is It Necessary To Update Your Prescription Lenses If You Think You Can See Well Enough?

Many individuals will suffer from some mild vision issues that require them to wear prescription lenses. These patients will often assume that they will only need to have their lenses updated if they start to experience significant difficulties with their ability to see. In reality, it is advisable to undergo an eye exam to determine whether your lenses need to be changed at least once a year. Failing to have your prescription lenses updated can significantly reduce their effectiveness. Furthermore, some people may notice that they are more likely to experience eyestrain, headaches, and other potential discomforts as a result of wearing the incorrect prescription for their eyes. Due to the fact that these changes be too subtle for people to recognize on their own, but a yearly examination will allow for you to accurately determine whether your current lenses are suitable for your needs.

Will An Eye Test For Glasses Be As Effective As A Comprehensive Examination?

It should be noted that there can be differences in the thoroughness of eye examinations. For example, individuals that are only receiving a basic eye examination for new lenses may not receive all of the diagnostics that are needed to find issues that may be developing with their eyes. Ideally, you will want to receive a comprehensive eye examination. This examination will require your eyes to be dilated so that the interior of the eyes can be inspected. While some people will find this uncomfortable, the effects should only last for a couple of hours before they start to rapidly fade.

Do You Have To Get Your Prescription Lenses From The Provider That Performed The Eye Exam?

There is a common assumption that it is always necessary to receive prescription lenses and glasses from the same provider that conducted the examination. While this can be a convenient solution, individuals are also free to ask for a copy of their prescription so that they can get it filled at another eyeglass provider. Additionally, it may be possible to have this information sent to your eyeglass provider by the examination service itself.