Do Eye Cataracts Always Require Surgery?

Many people assume that a pronouncement of cataracts automatically means they will need eye surgery. That's not always true. In fact, it's possible to live just fine with mild cataracts conditions. Several situations exist in which eye cataract surgery is optional or not needed at all.

Can You Still See Just Fine or Only Require Minimal Help?

Cataracts don't always severely affect vision. In some cases, smaller cataracts can go unnoticed by most people. Even if cataracts do affect your visions, there's a chance you can correct your sight with some prescription glasses.

As cataracts grow, they can start to affect your sight more, and at that time you can make a more informed decision on whether cataract surgery is right for you. How cataracts develop varies from person to person, but in most cases, they grow over the course of many years.

The need for surgery may not occur until decades down the line. You can often wait a good long while before going through cataract surgery, but it's important you don't wait until a cataract grows too large or affects your sight too much.

Are You Experiencing an Eye Condition That's Causing Cataracts?

Cataracts can grow on their own, but many eye conditions can also cause cataracts to form. When cataracts occur because of an underlying eye condition, they fall into the category of secondary cataract.

In many cases, dealing with the main eye condition can often clear up the cataract as well or at least keep it from progressing further. Your optometrist can help you figure out if your cataract is a secondary cataract and what course of action you should consider.

Note: This type of secondary cataract isn't the same as posterior capsular opacification (PCO), which may also be called secondary cataracts or after-cataracts.

Did Your Optometrist Tell You to Strongly Consider Eye Cataract Surgery?

You may not need the surgery immediately, but the eye doctor wouldn't suggest it if he or she didn't think it was worth doing. The reasons for that suggestion can vary widely depending on your own personal situation.

In some cases, a cataract can block the view of the back of your eye, which can make eye exams harder or inaccurate. A cataract can also hide other eye problems'

or make it difficult for the eye doctor to deal with another eye condition. In these and other cases, the optometrist may suggest eye cataract surgery even if you're having no difficulties.

Surgery and other eye cataract services can help you regain and maintain the health of your eyes. If you're having any eye problems, set up an appointment with your local optometrist immediately.