Vision Issues Getting In the Way of Your High School Grades? 4 Signs You Should Get Your Eyes Checked

If you're in high school, you know how important your grades are. However, it can be difficult to keep your grades up if you can't see properly. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to tell when you're having vision problems. One thing you should know is that vision can change quickly during high school, even if you've had perfect vision before. Luckily, if your eyes are having problems seeing, they'll usually give you a few signs that will let you know that they need help. Here are four signs that you should be aware of. If any of them seem familiar, speak to an adult about getting your vision tested and get the eye doctor services you need..

You're Having Trouble Seeing the Board

If you're suddenly having trouble seeing the board, it could be due to changes in your vision. Sudden vision changes can make it difficult to see things that you were once able to. Sudden vision changes can also make it difficult for you to read books, see things that are farther away, or even focus on objects that you were once able to see clearly. If you're having trouble seeing things, it's time to have your vision tested.

You're Getting Frequent Headaches

If you've started getting frequent headaches, they may be related to vision problems. This is particularly true if you get headaches while reading, or while doing classwork. Those headaches are a sign that your eyes are straining too much to see clearly. Unfortunately, headaches can make it difficult for you to keep up with your schoolwork. If you've been getting headaches, you need to have your vision tested.

Your Glasses Aren't Working Properly

If you wear glasses, and they're not correcting your vision the way they once did, your vision might have changed since your last vision test. You might not realize this, but it is possible for your vision to change sooner than you'd expect. Even if it hasn't been a full two years since your last vision exam, if your glasses aren't working, you should have your vision tested again.

Your Eyes Are Getting Tired More Often

If your eyes are getting tired halfway through school, it might not be because you're bored. Your vision may be causing your eyes to get tired. Poor vision can cause strain on your eyes, which will make them feel tired and fatigued. If you feel your eyes getting tired, go ahead and close them for a few minutes. Closing your eyes will take the pressure off of them. You'll also need to see your optometrist to have your eyes checked.