3 Signs It's Time For An Eye Exam

Many people take their vision for granted, only paying attention to this important sense when a problem arises. Receiving routine eye care is important when it comes to maintaining your eyesight.

Determining when you should schedule an eye exam can be challenging, so here are three signs that you can be watching for that indicate you need to see an eye care professional in order to preserve and protect your eyesight in the future:

1. You begin to experience frequent headaches.

If you find that you are battling headaches more often than you used to, this could be a sign that you need to see an eye doctor. Changes in your vision can result in the onset of headaches.

Many people spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of a computer, phone, and television screens each day. These digital screens can cause the eyes to strain more than usual, resulting in headaches.

An eye doctor will be able to prescribe specialized glasses that will help reduce the negative effects a digital lifestyle can have on your vision, so be sure to schedule an eye exam if you are experienced frequent headaches.

2. You start taking a new medication.

Prescription medications can serve a valuable purpose in helping you maintain your health. Unfortunately, many medications have side effects that must be managed in order to reduce discomfort in the future. If one of the side effects of your new medication is dry eye, then you should schedule an eye exam.

An experienced optometrist will be able to examine your eyes to determine if dry eye is becoming a problem. Specialized eye drops can be prescribed to help you combat this condition, allowing you to experience greater comfort over time.

3. You experience sensitivity to light.

While prolonged exposure to bright lights can cause anyone discomfort, your eyes should be able to adjust to normal changes in lighting without discomfort. If you find that you are suddenly sensitive to light, then this could be a sign that you need to schedule an eye exam.

Light sensitivity is a common symptom associated with minor eye infections. An optometrist will be able to utilize special equipment to examine the condition of your eye and prescribe medications to clear up any infection causing you to be more sensitive to light than usual.

Being able to determine when you should schedule an eye exam will help you provide better care for your eyes in the future. Contact an eye doctor like Jeffrey C. Fogt, OD for more information and assistance.